Freedom is Choice

Giving up freedom

I hate losing stuff.  I hate losing valuable time.  I hate losing friends.  I hate losing money.  But most of all, I hate losing freedom.  I would give up stuff, time, and money for freedom.  I’d give up friends who threaten my freedom.  Losing my freedom is unacceptable.  Pure and simple.


by AlicePopkorn

Then again, we give up freedom when we marry and have children.  We give up freedom to the boss and job that pays for our house, car, food, and necessities.  We give up freedom when we travel, no matter by what means–traffic jams, lines, confinement, security checks.  We give up freedom to care for our elderly parents.  We give up freedom to survive.


I guess what I mean by freedom is choice.

No matter how many small liberties we must give up in life, as long as we have a choice to direct our own paths through life’s wilderness, to react to daily surprises in our own way, we are free.

My four novels are about Marjorie Veil’s quest to release her trapped potential.

  • Between Will and Surrender:  An oppressed Silicon Valley woman slowly loses her mind, but in the process, discovers her soul.
  • Between Darkness and Dawn:  A pragmatic “seeker” experiences a crisis of faith when she confronts the spirit of her dead mother.
  • Between Yesterday and Tomorrow:  Separated at birth, triplets unite to face truths about change, transitions, and death.
  • Between Now and Forever:  A substitute teacher challenges school tradition and authority to help seven Indigos integrate and open their hearts for the deepest kind of freedom, and inadvertently gives herself the permission to do the same.

But winning and protecting her freedom is not enough.  Marjorie must know she is free or she might as well not be.

Thanks for choosing to stop by.  I hope your path leads back here in the future.