The only prison she faces is the one in her mind.

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Visionary Fiction

The reason I write and the readers I’m trying to reach (hopefully you).

Other Books in the Enter the Between Series

Between Will and Surrender

Silicon Valley resident Marjorie Veil has been conditioned to ignore her own truth, to give way her power, to subjugate in relationships with others, and to settle for the path of least resistance. But she has many surprises in store, for there are synchronistic forces at work in her life that, if she listens, will lead her to her authentic heart and happiness. The seemingly impossible happens in the wild of the Los Padres National Forest where Marjorie goes on retreat to make sense of her life when she thinks she has gone insane. The innocence of the Native American orphan Marjorie befriends, as well as more mystery and adventure than she bargained for, show her how love can heal in what turns out to be a transformative spiritual quest.

Between Darkness and Dawn

A pragmatic “seeker” experiences a crisis of faith when she confronts the spirit of her dead mother.



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