Affirmations Are Powerful Tools, Choose Your Words Wisely

AffirmationsAffirmations are powerful tools

Quantum physics supports Einstein’s theory that thoughts become things.

Therefore, the words or affirmations we choose to install new beliefs and attract new thoughts are indeed powerful tools.

What we think about, we empower.

When we look at our loved ones, we deem them perfect.

We see pure potential and back their efforts one hundred percent.

When they stumble, we assure them that failures are only stepping stones  to success.

When they incur injuries, we disinfect, bandage, soothe, and send them on their way with the directive, “Try again.”

We acknowledge, enhance, and empower their spirits.

 Belief leads to feeling.  And feeling makes things happen.

We declare with faith and love what we wish our loved ones to be, because, in our eyes, it’s already true.

When they hear us, they give life to our words by acting with greater assurance and making decisions based on a sense of empowerment and security.

How loving, how encouraging, how affirmative we are when it comes to the people we love.

So why not extend the same courtesy to ourselves?

Affirmations, sometimes called mantras, are declarations of what we wish to be.  When we affirm, we empower.

Why don’t we use the same loving affirmations to convince ourselves of our own God-given worth?

We’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, about the power of intention, visualization and postive thinking.

Oprah talks about it.  “There’s no question that changing the way you think about your situation is key to creating a strategy for improvement.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer talks about it.  “Remember that we receive what we match up with energetically, so if we persist in expecting our ideas to work, we’ll create an idea whose time has come.”

Lynne McTaggart talks about it: “…directed thoughts have a central participatory role in creating reality.”

John Assaraf talks about it: “Affirmations are self-fulfilling prophecies.  If we say, ‘This is never going to work,’ then chances are excellent it never will.”

I’d like to share an affirmation I received during a celebration of spirit at the Center For Spiritual Awareness.

“I am more than any condition in my life.  I have the Presence of God within me and all the Unlimited Wisdom on the planet at my disposal.  There is a spiritual solution to every one of my conditions.  My conditions are temporary.  I am eternal.”

 It was written on a small card, with instructions on back: Please carry this card with you for a week.  Read it slowly and imaginatively a dozen times a day until the affirmations have sunk deep into the subconscious mind where Spirit will use them to heal and integrate body, mind, and affairs. 

Let’s challenge ourselves this new year to declare and make firm the beliefs we have and the visions we hold – through affirmations.  Let’s repeat short, empowering statements to ourselves, install new dreams, and act as if they are already true.

Affirmations are self-fulling prophecies.

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