An Unpublished Author’s Website

Stimulating Conversation

Why do people visit an author’s website? Well, that’s a no-brainer.

To read about the author’s published books, of course. And if the visitors are fans or from the media, they’ll also be interested in the author’s bio, her media information, and ways to contact her.

So where does that leave an unpublished author like me?  I mean, why should I even bother putting up a website and then obsess about its “Welcome” message?  Hardly any one’s going to read it anyway, right?

Right.  But I’m planning ahead (just as all unpublished authors should do).

If all goes well, 2012 will be my breakout year.  Yep, 2012, the year predicted as the end of times.

It’ll be the end of times alright.  But in a good way.  As I see it, 2012 marks a positive transition from one world view to another, a collective shift in consciousness, a perfect time to actualize one’s fullest potential, to make a difference.

And for me, that means publication.  Which means I better have a website up and ready to go.   Waiting until the book is out is too late in the game.

According to Randy Davila, CEO of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, a small publisher expects its authors to sell between 3,000 and 5,000 books the first year, a large publisher expects many more.  How does an author do that without a website to promote her work?  Twitter?  Face Book?  A blog?  Sure these are great ways to get the word out, but an author needs a hub with a central address where readers can find her, not P.O. boxes all over the place.

Well, my website is in the works, so I’m trying to come up with a welcome message for my homepage.

Here’s what I have so far:

Welcome to the front door of my cyber home.  No need to knock or call ahead.  The door is always open.Take a self-guided tour if you like, starting with “About Me.”  Nothing earth-shattering, just a little history in case you’re wondering how a farm girl with immigrant parents got into writing fiction.

For a sampling of the kind of writing you can expect from me, check out “Short Stores,” or “Novels” for synopses of my four novels, which I hope to publish soon.

My “Blog” serves as a sun room, where we can settle down and have a chat. 

If you catch me out or napping, please “Contact” me and let me know you stopped by.  It would make my day.  Sometimes it gets lonely in this big house with all the windows and doors wide open.

I haven’t finished decorating yet.  Just moved in.  Follow my progress at “Happenings and Events,” or subscribe to my “Newsletter,” which will come out twice a year.

When my first book gets published, we’ll have a party.  Leave your email address, and I”ll send you an invitation. 

What do you think?