My Interview with Dean Koontz

I was surprised when Dean Koontz agreed to answer ten interview questions for my blog. However, I was not surprised that he answers were rich and entertaining.

Rather than post the interview on my personal blog, I posted it at the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a website I share with other visionary fiction writers.

Here’s the introduction to Part One.

Dean Koontz: That guy with “horror” tattooed on his forehead.

Dean KoontzDean Koontz prefers to avoid genre labels. By his own admission, he writes “cross-genre novels in a mainstream style, with elements of comedy and social commentary and philosophical speculation.”

That said, I hold firm to my conviction that much of Dean Koontz’s work contains elements of visionary fiction as detailed in the Wikipedia article written by our very own Victor E. Smith. I said as much in a post for Visionary Fiction Alliance back in 2012, titled Is Dean Koontz a Visionary Fiction Writer?, to which Koontz responded via e-mail. We have kept up a correspondence since, during which he generously agreed to answer some interview questions for my post at the VFA.

I can think of no better way to introduce Dean Koontz and his work than through his own words in the first of a two part interview.

Click HERE for Part One of my interview with Dean Koontz.


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