The Next Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

In this one minute video Dr. Schlitz explores the possibility that we are now going through the next scientific revolution, one every bit as profound as those created by Copernicus, Darwin, and Einstein. Marilyn Schlitz is the President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

She says that today’s “science is showing that some spiritual insights are actually scientific truth. That psychic abilities may be real. that we’re all fundamentally interconnected. And that we all have innate abilities to heal and transform ourselves.”

The Next Scientific Revolution?

Well, check out Marilyn Schlitz’s credentials:

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, is IONS Senior Fellow and President Emeritus.

Dr. Schlitz was President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences from 2009 to 2012.

Her work focuses in psychophysiology, cross cultural healing, and consciousness studies. She has given lectures, conducted workshops, and taught all around the country.

She completed her training in psychology, behavioral and social science, and philosophy at Stanford University, University of Texas, San Antonio and Wayne State University, Detroit. She received her PhD in anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin.

She has been featured in various writings, interviews, and videos. As well, she has authored and co-authored numerous books, such as Living Deeply: The Art of Science of Transformation and Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine.

Sounds like someone who knows what she’s talking about.

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