Publish Your Short Story at Story Star

Have you ever dreamed of publishing one of your short stories and seeing how it compares to others out there?  If so, here’s your chance.

At Story Star, you can share your short stories with the world.

No, you won’t get paid for them, but you may find the exposure encouraging and fun.

Or, if you’re a reader rather than a writer, this is a great place to motivate buddying writers by rating their stories and sharing them with your friends and family.

To get a feel of how Story Star works, you can read and rate one of my short stories, Silver Flats.

by Ro / wererabbit

Here’s a teaser:  She came to our front door asking for shoes.  “Do you have a pair of flats I can borrow,” she said.  “They won’t let me into the jail in high heels.”

My other story, A Fifth Dimension, is about a middle-aged student in a creative writing class who finds himself at a distinct disadvantage.  643 people have read it so far.  14 have rated it.  You could be next.

Go ahead and give it a try.  You may be glad you did.

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