Victory for Visionary Fiction

Thanks to Victor E. Smith at Visionary Fiction Alliance, I can now direct all readers to Wikipedia when they ask:

What is Visionary Fiction?

Originally posted on Visionary Fiction Alliance:

Exciting news for all Visionary Fiction authors, readers and lurkers:

As of August 2014 a entry entitled “Visionary fiction” has been published on Wikipedia at:

Victory for Visionary FictionThis feat of sweat and scholarship was engineered by VFA member and author Victor E. Smith and reviewed, edited and critiqued by VFA steering committee members Jodine Turner, Margaret Duarte, Eleni Papanou and Sandy Nathan. The fundamental concepts are drawn from the writing of VF pioneers Carl Jung, Flo Keyes, Edward J. Ahearn, Monty Joynes and Hal Zina Bennett, among others, as then discussed, massaged, and rephrased on this site since its inception and on sister sites like Fiction for a New Age, many of which are cited and linked within the article. Our intense cogitation over the past couple of years, right down to the shortest comment, led happily to a reasonable consensus on the definition and characteristics of Visionary Fiction. With the…

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