The Bla Bla Meter, Unmask Your Writing Style

To all writers – be you a novelist, journalist, PR-expert, or writer of Christmas letters – I think you’ll get a kick  out of the Bla Bla Meter to “unmask” your writing style.

Yep, it detects how much “bull” hides in your text.

Bla Bla Meter Instructions

You simply copy your excerpt (they suggest a minimum of five sentences) into a white field, hit check, and bingo!

My Bla Bla Meter Excerpt

I entered the following text from a previous blog post into the white field:

I’m not just talking about the stories written by our favorite authors for our
reading pleasure. I’m talking about our life stories, the stories that begin on
page one of a blank text on the day we are born and continue until the day – and
sometimes even after – we die.

All the things we tell about ourselves,
all the experiences we remember, the sights, the sounds, the feelings, are part
of our story. As Christina Baldwin says in her book, Story Catcher,
“You are a book of bone and flesh.”

My Bla Bla Meter Score

Your text: 503 characters, 92 words

Bullshit Index : 0.08

Your text shows no or marginal indications of ‘bullshit’-English.

If you’re feeling brave today, click here for a merciless critique on your writing style.

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