What is the Association for Global New Thought?

Global New Thought.  Three words that pack a punch.

“Global” stands for the entire planet and all that lives on it, animals, plants, and humans.  All as one.  Imagine that.

“New” stands for change, and change is hard.  Change involves risk.  Change means stepping out of our comfort zone. Change opens doors.

“Thought” stands for power.  According to quantum physics, the world is a fluid place continuously built up using our individual and collective thoughts.  That means, we, through our thoughts, make our world.  And that gives us power.  For good and for bad.

The Association for Global New Thought brings interfaith communities together to take personal responsibility for creating good in the world, and they use the core teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions to do so.

In their own words:

“We honor the diversity of cultures and faiths while aiming to articulate, practice, and embody universal spiritual principles.  We encourage personal transformation and collective awakening.  We practice the gift of active compassion and kindness through our service to all life.  We foster a world that works for the highest good of all.”

Organizations such as the AGNT can help the people of this world move beyond narrow self-interest and realize a common ground, a connection in a field of possibility.

Notice.  Tolerate.  Investigate.  Understand.

The time is now.