Writing, Publishing, and Marketing tips from Shawn Hansen

Sometimes, out of the blue, someone comes along at the perfect moment to point you in the right direction when you come to a fork in the road.

For me, that someone was Shawn Hansen.

A friend told me about Shawn’s weekly Teleseminar Tuesday, and after only one session, I was hooked.  Eleven one-hour, information packed classes later, I had gained the confidence to:

  1. Self-host my website/blog with WordPress.org.
  2. Experiment with WordPress “plugins,” small miracles to make my website distinctly my own.
  3. Download, activate, and update plugins.
  4. Backup my website’s database and content.
  5. Maintain my website/blog.
  6. Optimize my Twitter account (profile page, hash tags, retweets, keywords, and lists).
  7. Optimize my LinkedIn account (how to update my profile, target areas of interest)
  8. Become a Squidoo member.
  9. Look into forms of visual media, such as creating short little trailers.
  10. Download and listen to Podcasts on iTunes (Yep, I’d never done that before).
  11. Make use of Google Reader.
  12. Begin building buzz about my books BEFORE PUBLICATION.
  13. Look into Kindle Publishing for blogs.
  14. Examine my target markets.
  15. Experiment with blog trigger phrases.
  16. Become a content curator.


Unfortunately, Shawn doesn’t offer Teleseminar Tuesday anymore, but she offers some great courses about writing, publishing, and profit HERE.