Between Now and Forever, 2014 ABNA Quarter Finalist

Between Now and Forever, ABNA QuarterfinalistBetween Now and Forever, the first novel in my ENTER THE BETWEEN series, is a 2014 ABNA Quarter finalist.

That means my novel made it through round one of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, where 10,000 entries were whittled down to 2,000, and round two, where 2,000 entries were whittled even further to 500.

2014 ABNA Quarter Finalist Prize

The nice thing about making it this far is that I’m guaranteed three Amazon-selected Editors’ reviews of Between Now and Forever’s first two chapters and a Publishers Weekly review of the entire manuscript, which I can then use to market and promote my book. What an awesome contest!

Between Now and Forever is currently included in the top 100 of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror category if you care to take a look below.

Between Now and Forever, ABNA Finalist 2014 ABNA Quarter-Finalists Announced

Amazon Publishing has announced the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalists.

View the top 100 entries from each category that are moving to the quarter-finals below.

On June 13, Amazon Publishing will announce the top 5 entries from each category advancing to the semi-finals.

25 semifinalists will be announced in June. Semifinalists will receive full publishing contracts with Amazon Publishing to market and distribute as a print book. There’s also a $15,000 cash prize.

The competition for the semifinalist prize will be intense. But miracles do happen.

If I win, you can bet it will be announced here.

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