Complications Worksheet

complications worksheet

I’d like to share a plotting worksheet with you that I found very helpful in revising my novel.

It was written by Martina Boone, one of the publishers of Adventures in Children’s Publishing.

Don’t let the blog’s title, Adventures in Children’s Publishing, fool you.  Most of this blog’s content, as well as this worksheet, apply to ALL fiction, not just children’s fiction.

Here’s a sampling of Martina’s post.

Plotting Made Easy – The Complications Worksheet

“Want to create a plot you’ll itch to write? A protagonist you’ll love? An antagonist that will give you shivers? And (simultaneously) the first draft of a synopsis ready to be pared down to two pages and polished up?

“Like many writers, I’ve spun my mental wheels researching and experimenting with different methods of plotting: outlining versus free writing versus turning points versus notecards versus snowflake method etc. Since I’ve finally found something that works for me, I thought I’d share my Complications Worksheet here to help you simultaneously develop action, motivation and character depth by piling trouble on your poor protagonist.

Try the Complications Worksheet as a thinking tool. But before you start, cruise through the links at the end of Martina’s post so you can add or subtract whatever you need. Then answer the questions in the worksheet with your story and characters in mind.

For Martina’s worksheet, go to Plotting Made Easy–The Complication’s Worksheet.

I know you’ll be pleased.