Creating a Custom Header for your Blogger Blog


I must have changed the design of my now defunct Blogger site twenty times, using Blogger templates.


There are so many choices.  It’s hard to decide on just one.  I got as far as creating an attractive header for my blog (using a free download from the site listed below), but couldn’t figure out how to create a custom header.

The blog header has a function similar to a book cover or the entry to your home.  It’s the first thing friends and potential followers see when they stop by for a visit.  You’d like to make a good first impression, so they’ll take some time out of their busy schedules to stay for a while.  Of course, if they come back or not depends on the content of your blog.  But that’s another story.

The header should also reflect your blog’s theme, which in my case translates to my journey from writing to publication (A WRITER’S JOURNEY.  Behind the scenes, between the lines) and also the theme of my four novels:  Between Will and Surrender, Between Darkness and Dawn, Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, and Between Now and Forever, thus my blog title, Enter the Between.

At Blogger Templates, you’ll find a short video showing how to add an image to your blog header.  I downloaded my header-image (the right size and ready to go) free at:  Free Web Headers.  You’ll find additional free blog-header websites at:  e-blog Templates.

Until I learned how to create my own custom header, I wasn’t completely satisfied, so my intervening headers didn’t last.

But that was part of the fun.  To keep experimenting and learning.

Good thing I didn’t have many followers yet (kind of like a tree falling in the forest when there’s no one around to hear), and the followers I did have knew me and liked me (I hope) and were therefore tolerant, figuring I still had a lot to learn.

For a day or so, I had a picture of a tunnel beneath my header and title.  Then a fantasy tree in my header and behind my title.

Below is a video on how to create a custom header for your Blogger blog, a project more complicated than the one above, but one I had fun with after downloading the free program from Paint.NET.

And finally, another site with a VIDEO on creating a custom blogger header.

How good is that?