Dean Koontz/Some Angels Have Fur Instead of Wings

dean_photo_3Today I received a large box in the mail from Dean Koontz, dismissing any further thought that the letter I received from him on Tuesday via email might have been a hoax.

Inside, I found three books, each bearing a note and signature from my now number one favorite author.

The first book was a memoir of his dog, Trixie, titled A BIG LITTLE LIFE, A MEMOIR OF A JOYFUL DOG, a book he said is close to his heart.  “To Margaret,” it says.  “Some angels have fur instead of wings.”

The other two books were ones he said he hoped “embodied some of the qualities of visionary fiction as I defined it.”  One is a copy of THE FACE, a collector’s edition limited to 500, signed and numbered (#52).  The book is encased in such a lovely cover, I’m afraid to touch it.  Maybe I’ll wear gloves!

The other is titled FROM THE CORNER OF HIS EYE and inscribed with: “To Margaret.  I’m sure He’s watching over you with both eyes and great care.”

On top of this, Dean Koontz wrote me a lovely note, which I will share on this blog later this week.

“Bet this made your day,” my husband said.

He doesn’t know the half of it.