DIVERGENT and Visionary Fiction, Factions Apart

DIVERGENT and Visionary Fiction Factions ApartViolence aside, I would gladly welcome the dystopian sci-fi novel Divergent into the visionary fiction “faction.”

Veronica Roth deserves her New York Times Bestselling Author status. She deserves her book’s 13,236 Amazon reviews (9,524 of which are five stars). She deserves her book sales of over eleven million.

All these accolades are merited because Divergent is fast-paced, well told, and pumps out enough what-ifs and why-nots to satisfy the “Erudite” in all of us. In other words, Divergent is a good read.

Visit Visionary Fiction Alliance (my VF community blog) to find out why I cannot call Divergent visionary fiction, why indeed they are factions apart.