Life on the Farm / Spring Harvest

Life on the Farm

Just thought I’d share some pictures showing what’s happening on our dairy farm right now, so you know this writer has a life besides writing

Part of our oat crop is being chopped and put into silage pits such as the one you see here to turn into silage for feed.

A tractor pushes up and packs the oats brought in from the field by truck.  The rest of the oats will be baled for hay.

life on the farmMost people think of fall as harvest season.  But we double crop on our farm.  We plant corn in late spring to harvest in the fall and we plant oats in late fall to harvest in the spring.

We keep our newborns in small crib-like structures until they are old enough to join the older calves being raised to become part of our milking herd.  They are so cute at this stage, all big-eyed, and curious.

Here is one of our tractors, with a disk folded up behind it for transport.  It’s on its way to work up the fields now cleared of oats.  Then it’s corn planting time.  And the corn will be harvested and end up in the same silage pits the oats were in, which will be empty by then.

Life on the Farm

The process repeats itself over and over, year after year.

Work up ground, plant crop, irrigate, fertilize, harvest, store, and feed.

Of course, this is only one of the jobs on our farm.  Milking and caring for the cows, servicing the equipment, managing waste and finances.  All work together in a never ending cycle. Yep, that life on the farm.

In the mean time, I write.

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