Our Shadow Selves Have Much to Teach Us

Our shadows have much to teach us“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”     –Emerson

Let me introduce you to Between Now and Forever’s protagonist Marjorie Veil Sunwalker – and her shadow.

Marjorie is a figment of my imagination, but if I’ve done my job as a writer, you’ll find she’s very much like you and me.

You see, Marjorie finds it difficult to let herself shine.

Lost in Shadow

She possesses all the tools to make a difference in this world, but lacks the confidence and courage to put these tools to work.

Our shadows have much to teach usInstead of stepping into the light, she builds defensive walls around herself and laments her loss of freedom.

Instead of sharing her light, she erects barriers between herself and others and wonders why her life lacks meaning and purpose.

What will it take for her to realize that she has created her own prison?

What will it take for her to break free?

Protective Barriers

Well, there’s no getting out without letting in, and what Marjorie reluctantly lets in, is a class of troubled teens with shadow issues of their own.

She believes, as teacher, she can help her students escape their protective barriers and shine, without taking the risk of escaping her own. She visualizes herself playing solitaire and each student a card in the deck with a unique personality and story.


  • Jason Ardis: King of Hearts, kindly, friendly and magnetic, responds to any true call for help, sometimes quarrelsome and overbearing.
  • Shawn Lee: Jack of Diamonds, keen sharp and clever, curious, original thinker.
  • Ethan Stein: Ace of Spades, solves problems through questionable means, source of inspiration for others, key to the mastery of life.
  • Codi Badd: Queen of Spades, co-ruler with highest authority, good mental balance, right judgemental values.
  • Angelina Sousa: Ten of Clubs, kind heart and honest desire to be of service to others without personal gain.
  • Luke Quin: Nine of Diamonds, philanthropic, generous, gregarious, ranks below ten of clubs.
  • Tessa Lambe:  Eight of Spades, healer, enormous spiritual energy.

Stepping Out of the Shadow

The clincher is: Marjorie’s actually playing bridge, drawn into the game by seven slight-of-hand artists who are only thirteen years old. By helping her students shed their smaller stories and wake up to much larger ones, she unwittingly allows herself to do the same .

Our shadows have much to teach usWhat today’s post comes down to is this: Our shadow selves have much to teach us.

With this in mind, why not make a play date with your shadow?

Okay, when you stop laughing, think about it. Digging past your public self to make friends with your private self can be healthy – and healing.

In fact, it may unlock a creative potential you didn’t know you had.

Me and My Shadow

So on the next sunny day, bust past any blocks you’re experiencing and check out your shadow. It’s fun. I tried it. And since no one else was listening, we had a little chat.

For added fun, take along a recording of “Me and My Shadow,” by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. You’ll find the lyrics here.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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