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Content is king, but one’s website header is the billboard.

So here’s my header story.

Website Header: the right “feel”

I wanted a website header with a visionary feel, without being scary. I don’t write about vampires and zombies, nor do I promote fear. Quite the opposite. My goal is to inspire hope and freedom, the embracing of opposite views, light and shadow.

During my daily walks, birds – most notably blackbirds and crows – surround me. They squawk and swirl and, yes, inspire.

Something to Crow About Website Header








In fact, they give me hope – and thereby faith – that life is full of gifts and that even if the day isn’t going so well, tomorrow will present other opportunities, or at least reveal lessons I need to learn.

Website Header: the right symbol

I Googled “crow” and discovered it is part of the Hawk Clan. No surprise.

What came as a surprise, though, is that hawks symbolize thinkers, inspirers, and leaders. The crow in particular is considered a creature of balance and a link between humanity and the environment.

Sure, Edger Allen Poe’s “Raven” symbolized darkness and death, with it’s repeated answer, “Nevermore,” but I bet Poe also selected the raven for his poem because birds of the crow family are the most intelligent of the bird kingdom. Even Alfred Hitchcock discovered while filming “The Birds” that crows remember faces and have minds of their own.

static flight
patrick wilken / / CC BY-NC

The raven (part of the crow family) is associated with magik (not to be confused with magic) in that it symbolizes the bringing of creative thought into physical reality. The raven is also the guardian and protector of ‘secret things.’

my favorite tree
AlicePopkorn / Nature Photos / CC BY-ND

Can you imagine the bells going off in my head?

I’d already titled my original blog “Enter the Between,” and my novel series “The Between,” so this was an amazing coincidence. Or should I say synchronicity?

And the final kicker: Crows represent the balance BETWEEN – the point of almost perpetual neutrality.

Ha! That means crows represent:

  • co-mingling with dualities
  • coming together of opposing views to form an experience
  • embracing both light and shadow.

Website header: the right image

When I came across the following stock photo at deviantart, wow! It had the visionary feel of hope in times of darkness (light and shadow), the co-mingling of dualities, and it had my symbolic crows.

Something to Crow About Website Header







Website Header: Putting it all together.

The colors of the image also matched my publicity photo.

Let Go, Let Crow, My Website HeaderSo…

It was a matter of figuring out how to incorporate my picture (authors are supposed to brand themselves) into the stock image.

I purchased the photo editing program: Photoshop Elements 10, but didn’t know how to use it.

So I purchased How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 10 by David Asch and Steve Caplin. 

But I still needed help. So I purchased WordPress Web Design for Dummies.

Months later (I’m a slow learner), I came up with this header:

Something to Crow About Website Header




Then I reconsidered and came up with:

Something to Crow About Website Header





A website header I’m satisfied with.

For now.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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