The Between

by =FairieGoodMother

Catapulted into “The Between”

“The between” is a scary place most of us don’t enter willingly. Instead, we’re catapulted there by a life-changing event, which in fiction is called the “inciting incident.”

Like the fictional hero, we enter “the between” kicking and screaming and confront obstacles and tests we aren’t prepared or equipped to handle.

We face-plant over and over, or so it seems, until we finally surrender to the new circumstances of our life-journey and decide to go with the flow instead of against it.

“The Between,” a place to learn and change

Then it’s amazing what we learn and how we change.

Welcome to my website and blog where my mission is to take the scary out of “the between,” and offer, instead, a place where we can learn and change together.

“Out there beyond who is right and who is wrong there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”   –Rumi

“The shortest distance in the world is between you and yourself. The space in question is tiny. Yet what goes on in this little space determines nearly everything about the kind of person you are and about the kind of life you are living.”  –John O’Donohue

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