Stylish Blogger Award

the stylish blogger award

Why thank you Cathy Kennedy for presenting me with the Stylish Blogger Award!

What better way to start off the new year than with such a compliment from a fellow blogger/writer I admire.

Here’s what Cathy said about my blog:

Enter the Between:  A Writer’s Journey is by Margaret Duarte, a fellow author. We’ve came together through the aid of Networkedblogs on Facebook, and I’m glad for our chance to meet through this cool avenue. I discovered Margaret to be a talented writer. Each week, she offers her insight on what she’s learning as she journeys through her own lessons in her creative manifesto and has been consistent in keeping her blog’s theme as an author clearly intact. My hat is off to you Margaret for illustrating the purpose of your blog as a guide to inspire and direct other writers!

The Stylish Blogger Award

Bloggers so need an accolade such as this once in a while to encourage them to keep on keeping on. Your willingness to pass this gift on to others is not only a kindness but an inspiration.

The award doesn’t come without its responsibilities, however.  In accepting the honor I must:

  1. Thank the person who gave me the award (Thank you, thank you, thank you).
  2. Share seven things about myself.
  3. Pass the award on to bloggers I have discovered who are fantastic (so you can go check out their blogs).

As for number one, I already covered that, but here it goes again.  Thank you Cathy, thank you, thank you.

Seven things about myself.

  1. I write women’s fiction with paranormal elements.
  2. In 2010, I completed my Creative Writing Certificate at UCDavis Extension (Actually, I was the program’s first graduate, the first one over the line.)
  3. I have completed four novels, which I continue to revise and revise, and revise (My Novels).
  4. In 2010, I made it to the quarter finalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and won a Publisher’s Weekly Review.
  5. To my complete amazement, one of my poems, Messy Slick Roads, was published in Summer 2010 edition of The Tule Review.
  6. In October of 2010, I sent out a query, synopsis, and sample chapters for Between Now and Forever to an agent and am waiting for a response.
  7. On July 8, 2010, I officially started my blog and have posted at least three times a week since then.

And now for the fun part, Passing on the Stylish Blogger Award.  The winners are:

  1. The Naked Hero.  This is not only an awesome blog, featuring five very talented goddesses, but these girls (back when it was Misa, Tonya, and Lee) gave me the opportunity to guest blog on their site, thus introducing me to the world of blogging.  These talented girls have quite a following.
  2. Adventures in Children’s Publishing.  I can’t emphasize enough what an awesome resource this blogsite is for writers.  And don’t let the title fool you, this site has valuable information for writers of all genres.
  3. Writing Down Your Soul.  I love Janet Conner’s book, Writing Down Your Soul, and I love her blog.  Check them both out, and I’m sure you’ll agree.
  4. Musing From the Slushpile.  I just recently met Julie Lindsey through a FB group called Thursday’s Novelists, and I’m very impressed with her blog.  It chronicles her life as a writer and her quest to avoid the slush.

I appreciate the idea behind the Stylish Blogger Award and am happy to pass it on.  However, I am curious about where this award originated.  An Internet search didn’t provide me with the answer.  Can anyone clue me in?  If so, this inquiring mind would be grateful.

Thanks for stopping by.