A Writer’s Journey / Rethinking of a Subtitle



When I started this blog as a part of my journey to publication, The Between represented the deep chasm I perceived between the writing of my four novels and their eventual launch into the world.

It would be a place of rejection and disappointment, with occasional joys and victories along the way–a journey through the dark forest.

Now, after writing over one hundred posts related to my journey as a writer, I have a different take on The Between.

I see it as a bridge that connects, rather than a chasm that separates.

It’s a place (Behind the scenes, between the lines) where one’s creative and spiritual lives overlap, a place of fearlessness to tackle difficult matters of the soul, a place where one’s true self dwells.

In fact, The Between now symbolizes so many things to me that I’ve run into a quandary.

“A Writer’s Journey,” no longer represents what I’m trying to communicate with this blog. I need a new subtitle.

My message is not so much about my journey as a writer anymore, but about spiritual freedom, inspiration, and empowerment, which also happens to be the message of my four novels.

So my blog’s subtitle “A Writer’s Journey” must change to…

To what exactly?

Photo Credit: Giorgos

Which of the following phrases best expresses what I want to say?

Enter the Between (Behind the scenes, between the lines)…


  1. Summon the extraordinary into your life
  2. Remember what you already know
  3. Waken to creativity, actualize your dreams
  4. Cut loose, rethink, reexamine
  5. Beyond the beyond
  6. Be who you came here to be
  7. Uncover, Reveal, and Become
  8. From Safe to Sensational
  9. Where Mind Meets Spirit
  10. Visionary Fiction

I’m leaning toward #10.  What do you think?

As I was putting down my ideas for today’s post, Oprah’s April 2011 magazine serendipitously arrived in the mail.  In it was an interview of poet Mary Oliver by Maria Shriver.  One of Mary’s comments struck me as just right for expressing what I’m feeling right now:

“You have to be in the world to understand what the spiritual is about, and you have to be in the spiritual in order to truly be able to accept what the world is about.”

Aha!  Enter the Between.

I was also blown away by her poem, The Journey, another definition of entering the between.

So as of now, The Between stands for a place of freedom, a place where, as David de Rothschild so nicely put it, you “listen to your goose bumps.”

Soon, I’ll have a new subtitle as a perfect accompaniment.

Thanks for stopping by.